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Ashgabat will host the V Jubilee Selin fashion show

A large-scale event in the fashion world of Turkmenistan will take place on December 17 in the shopping center "Ashgabat". The V Jubilee fashion show by Selin fashion show is united by a common theme, which is associated with the four known elements and the fifth element. The fifth element is the original coloring of Turkmenistan, which is impossible not to notice in the outfits of the leading fashion houses of the country.

One of the features of the Selin fashion show is the openness of the event. Here, along with established fashion houses, young fashion designers can also perform and show their collections. For them such a show becomes a great opportunity to make a loud statement and a "pass" to the world of haute couture.

The fashion show will be held on December 17 in Ashgabat at 17.30 in the banquet hall "Şa Melek". It is possible to get to the fashion show by invitations.



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