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Turkmenistan Blitz Chess Championship was held in Ashgabat

In the capital of Turkmenistan there was a blitz chess tournament of the country. This is a special type of game that forces players to think not only correctly but also quickly, because little time is given to think through the moves.

The championship impressed with the diversity of the participants. Among them were athletes of all ages: from aksakals to young men. Women and girls also took part in the tournament.

The tension and concentration of thought to make the only correct decision in this type of chess is so great that it is literally felt physically. You only have to look at the concentrated faces of the athletes.

This game allows for a large number of rounds per day, as participants are required to fit in a small period of time.

Meetings were held on a round robin system, so each athlete had the opportunity to play with all participants in the tournament.

The championship is not only an opportunity to determine the strongest chess player in the country, but also a good school for sharpening skills and the ability to focus on the main thing.



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