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Archery Championship held in Ashgabat

The Archery Open Championship was held at the Winter Sports Complex. The competition was organized by the Archery Federation of Turkmenistan and the Main Department of Sports and Youth Policy of Ashgabat.

More than thirty archers of three age categories took part in the tournament: junior (born before 2007), youth (born from 2003 to 2006) and adult (born from 2002 and older).

Polat Metdiev won the gold medal in the classic archery among older athletes. A step away from the first place was Agajan Gullashov. Ogulsurai Kakyshova took the third position on the podium.

Georgy Agiyarov took the championship in archery. Shirin Babayeva took second place. Nurmammet Nuryev finished the top three.

Vadim Merzlikin, showing the best result among the participants in the junior category, became the first. Selim Hodjaev had the second best result. Bronze went to Aina Orazgeldieva.

This sport appeared in our country relatively recently - in 2015, since the official registration of the Archery Federation in Turkmenistan. At the moment, its popularity in the country is growing rapidly.

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