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Harvest-2022 is the focus of the meeting of the President of Turkmenistan with the khakims

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov held an online meeting with khakims on agricultural issues. The Deputy Prime Minister for Agrarian Affairs also attended the event. The main topic of the meeting was the 2022 harvest. In particular, the Turkmen leader was briefed on the statistical data related to the distribution of land resources. The planning of agricultural works to be carried out in the new season was also discussed at the meeting. Among them was the organization of irrigation, feeding with mineral fertilizers and comprehensive preparations for the sowing campaign.

The Turkmen agro-industrial complex has recently focused on import substitution of agricultural products. To this end, the area allocated for agricultural crops has been increased. Turkmenistan is actively growing cotton, potatoes, wheat, vegetables and melons, corn, sugar beets, rice and sesame. When choosing the crops to be grown in a given area, the soil and climatic environment, the availability of processing facilities and their dispersion are taken into account.

The published statistical data show that the most areas under crops have been allocated in Mary velayat - 366.67 thousand hectares. In comparison with other regions of Turkmenistan, most of the agricultural land here is also allocated for cotton (165 thousand hectares), melon (4.315 thousand hectares) and sugar beet.

As for the territories allocated for potato, cereals and vegetables cultivation, the leader here is the Akhal province. These crops occupy 13.1 thousand hectares, 195 thousand hectares and 9.38 thousand hectares respectively.

Lebap velayat is the leader in terms of areas allocated for the cultivation of rice (10.2 thousand hectares), annual grasses and corn (2.3 thousand hectares). Agrarians of Dashoguz province cultivate most of all sesame and leguminous crops - 8.27 thousand hectares are allocated for these crops.

Also during this working meeting, which was held in the digital system, reports were heard from velaiat khokims on the situation in the regions. A prominent place in these reports was given to the agro-industrial complex.

Summarizing the presentations, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov elaborated on the key challenges facing the Turkmen agro-industrial complex. These include continuation of reforms in this sector, increasing the production of agricultural products and ensuring food prosperity in the country.

The Turkmen leader stressed the need for strict observance of all requirements for the care of winter grain crops. They were also instructed to prepare in detail for the spring field work on sowing cotton in order to carry it out in due time, using all the resources to obtain a rich harvest.



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