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International road show "Oil and Gas from Turkmenistan" started in Dubai

Today in Dubai, UAE, the international-level conference "TAPI - Gas Pipeline of Peace" officially The conference of international level "TAPI - gas pipeline of peace and Cooperation" and the road-show "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan".

It is stated that the event, which will last 2 days, will be attended by over 200 delegates, including investors, government delegations, representatives of more than 100 companies from about 40 countries of the world. The conference program is very rich: in addition to the plenary session In addition to the plenary session, it is expected to hold four sessions, bilateral meetings, In addition to the plenary session, 4 sessions, bilateral meetings, a round table, a seminar.

In the format of the roadshow it is planned to discuss topics related to oil and gas prospects in the Turkmen shelf Caspian Sea and continuation of development of "Galkynysh", attraction of investors for implementation of innovative solutions for development of the fields. Business meetings of foreign guests are also planned. planned with foreign partners interested in cooperation with Turkmenistan. cooperation with Turkmenistan.

Recall that Turkmenistan's natural gas reserves Turkmenistan's natural gas reserves are the fourth largest in the world. It is planned that by 2030 about 250 billion cubic meters of gas and 110 million tons of oil will be produced here annually. annually about 250 billion cubic meters of gas and 110 million tons of oil will be produced in Turkmenistan. The main gas importers at the moment are China and Russia.

The second forum on this topic is scheduled for July 7-8, 2020, in London.


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