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Turkmenistan is preparing to grow bananas in Kaahki etrap

In Kaahki etrap (Akhal province), the construction of an 8-meter greenhouse complex continues, where it is planned to grow exotic fruits - dwarf bananas (about 3,000 tons per year), as well as citrus fruits, such as oranges (about 800 tons per year).

Under the tropical greenhouses Daikhan sarpasy association was given 47.65 hectares on lease for 99 years. Although we have to wait a few more years to get a good harvest, the agricultural producers look to the future with confidence, as they have experience in similar production in the Mary and Lebap regions.

Three other companies - "Gül zemin", "Kümüş täç" and "Ata melhem" are planning to engage in banana farming in Kaahki Etrap. From about the same area of 30 hectares, farmers can get about 2,400 tons of tropical fruits per year.

Source: Neutral Turkmenistan


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