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An exhibition dedicated to the Carpet Day opened in Mary velayat of Turkmenistan

An exhibition dedicated to the Carpet Day opened in Mary velayat of Turkmenistan

An exhibition dedicated to the Carpet Day was opened at the Historical and Local Museum of Mary velayat of Turkmenistan. The event was held in a festive atmosphere and was attended by community members and heads of school and public museums. The exhibition was organized by museum workers. The exhibition "Carpet is a symbol of beauty" in the temporary exhibitions hall was another important event in the regional cultural life. Both citizens and guests of Turkmenistan, who are eager to learn not only about the history of Turkmenistan but also about its present and future, can visit the exhibition.

In the first moments of acquaintance with the exposition, visitors are welcomed by books. In the middle of them are literary works by Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, as well as other thematic national printing. A great variety of different works is waiting for the visitors - paintings, silk art, unique jewelry, all of them reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Turkmens. The museum has become a concentration of masterpieces of carpet weaving, rare in its technique. The exhibits displayed at the vernissage are characterized by impeccable quality and superb appearance. Each of them has its own purpose and name.

Turkmen carpet has long ceased to be just a household item, having become a true masterpiece of art. Museum workers continue studying carpets, which are kept in museum funds and later demonstrated to visitors.

Turkmen carpets are now famous for their durability and high quality, and their patterns, honed over the centuries, have reached perfection in our time. The rich history of the Turkmen people is a source of inspiration for Turkmen carpet weavers. At the same time, weaving carpets is still a painstaking and complicated process. But it is these very articles that immortalize carpet weavers' talent and are able to combine existing patterns into strikingly sophisticated patterns. A Turkmen carpet is another opportunity for women to show their best creative qualities.

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