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The Kaplankyr Nature Reserve is working to preserve the local fauna

The Kaplankyr State Nature Reserve cares about preserving the biodiversity of fauna. In a special enclosure here are kept gazelles, mountain sheep, hares, pheasants and other representatives of the local fauna. Specialists have created all the conditions, namely nutrition, care, observation, necessary for the reproduction of animals. Healthy and strong individuals from the reserve are released into their natural habitat.

According to the staff of the reserve on their territory can be seen a large number of birds - 213 species (resident or migratory), as well as 22 species of reptiles, 45 species of mammals. Among ungulates, gazelles, kulans, mountain sheep, wild boars can be found here; among predators there are corsac, fox, jackal and wolf. There are also rare red-listed representatives of fauna, such as caracal and barkhan cat. In the wetlands there are ducks, ducks, sandpipers, cormorants, swans, as well as birds of prey: harriers and white-tailed eagles.

Of particular importance for the growth of the ornithofauna population are local water bodies, including the lakes Sarykamysh, Aibovur, Zengi Baba, as well as Lake Altyn Asyr, which is under construction.


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