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Astrakhan hosted a language forum with the participation of representatives of Turkmenistan

The Astrakhan State Technical University, with the participation of representatives of Turkmenistan, held a language discussion forum on the occasion of the annual International Mother Language Day. This day was proclaimed by the UNESCO General Conference on November 17, 1999, and every year since 2000 it falls on February 21. This decision was made to promote the preservation of multilingualism and cultural and linguistic diversity.

With the appearance of Mother Language Day in the international calendar, UNESCO has recommended that states prepare and carry out activities aimed at respecting and protecting languages, especially those that are in danger of extinction.

International Mother Language Day in 2021, in addition to the traditional support for multilingualism, aims to improve inclusive education and social cohesion. Linguistic diversity can and should help integration processes. UNESCO is convinced that children should receive an education based on their mother tongue (or main language) from an early age.

Languages are conducive to the preservation and development of heritage, both spiritual and material. However, statistics available to UNESCO show that in the near future more than 3,000 languages may lose their last speakers. Every 14 days another language disappears on the planet, leading to the loss of a whole layer of cultural and intellectual heritage.

A discussion forum held by the Astrakhan State Technical University (ASTU) was devoted to the preservation of the world's linguistic diversity and intercultural cooperation.

The event was attended by delegates from the administration of the Governor of the Astrakhan region, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the region, the Turkmen and Kazakh consulates, the Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve of Astrakhan and a number of subject matter experts. Two Kazakh universities, Uzbek branch of Astrakhan State Technical University and Astrakhan national societies became remote participants of the forum.

The experts focused on the specifics of linguistic and national identity, the mutual connection between culture and language, and methods of preserving and improving existing ethnic and cultural traditions. The forum participants focused separately on the formation of a tolerant attitude towards representatives of other nationalities among young people.


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