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Turkmenistan prepares for grain harvesting campaign in Mary province

Turkmenistan prepares for grain harvesting campaign in Mary province

Turkmenistan's Mary velayat is preparing to start the grain harvesting campaign. Although in some southern regions of Turkmenistan, for example, in Takhtabazar etrap, harvesters have already entered the fields. In a few days, the large-scale harvesting of grain will start in the whole territory of velayat.

Grain fields in the Murghab River Valley cover 170,000 hectares. More than 500 combine harvesters are preparing to start harvesting. The work will be carried out around the clock. Schedules and routes by which the crops will be delivered to the harvesting points have already been drawn up. This will help to prevent traffic jams, as it is planned to involve more than two and a half thousand cars to transport the grain. Transport has already been repaired and equipped with awnings, which will minimize the loss of wheat during transportation.

Harvest reception will be carried out by 45 points. In recent years, they tried to arrange them so that they are as close to the fields where the grain grows. Collection points are equipped with sheds and asphalted areas for grain storage. The barns where the crops will be poured have also been repaired. All available scales have already been checked by Velaiat subdivision of the State Standardization Committee.

The quantity and quality of the imported grain will be under constant and strict control. It is planned that farmers of Mary velayat will deliver 345 tons of food wheat to the Fatherland's bins.

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