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Subject Olympiads started at schools in Turkmenistan

They will be attended by young experts in English, Russian language and literature, mathematics and other school sciences.

Turkmen schools have launched the annual "Altyn asyryn Altyn zehinleri" subject Olympiads, in which students have to demonstrate their talents and knowledge. This is reported by the online edition of the "Turkmenistan: The Golden Age"..

- They will be attended by young connoisseurs of English, Russian languages and literature, mathematics, physics, biology, geography, history and other school sciences, - the publication notes.

The Olympiads are held in four stages. The first intra-school round involves students in grades 6-11. The second, etrap (district) stage will be held for pupils of grades 7-11 and is scheduled for January and March 2021. The third round, which will involve participants from the country's capital and provinces, will be held for grades 9-11 in February and March of this year. The final, fourth, state round will be held in April next year for students in grades 10-11.

It should be noted that for the winners of the olympiads "Altyn asyryn Altyn zehinleri" of the last academic year there are privileges. Namely, the students of the 11th grade who won 1st and 2nd places at the state stage of the Olympiad are allowed to participate in the corresponding round, bypassing all preliminary rounds. Students of 11th grade who were awarded the 1st place by the results of the third round of the Olympiad (capital and velayats) in the last academic year are also entitled to a similar advantage.

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