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An investment forum was held in the capital of Turkmenistan

Over 50 companies working in the sphere of transport and logistics took part in the Investment Forum held in the capital of Turkmenistan.

Representatives of the non-state sector of the economy were introduced to their capabilities by specialists working in transport segments, such as rail, road, river and sea, aviation and others. The forum participants learned how the transport sector of the country can contribute to import substitution in the transportation of equipment, spare parts, construction materials, provision of services and creation of new electronic services.

During the event there was carried out an analysis of the commodity structure of imports, as well as voiced the ways of its replacement, the key of which are modern technology and the transition to domestic counterparts, characterized by high competitiveness. Speakers noted that Turkmenistan pursues an economic policy aimed at supporting business and production facilities in the country. This, in turn, effectively stimulates the attraction of investment to create innovative enterprises.

Thus, the topic of the need for spare parts for various kinds of vehicles, as well as materials for the construction of railways and roads, products for the supply of electricity and other things was touched upon.

At the end of each presentation the audience was able to ask questions and get detailed competent answers.

Activities of a large part of the companies taking part in the event are aimed at transportation and maintenance of vehicles, provision of forwarding services, production of various parts and fuels and lubricants for road and rail transport.

However, there were also representatives of companies that make furniture, produce products for air conditioning, as well as those working in the field of catering. Delegates from companies whose activities are related to logistics were invited as observers to the forum.

Then there was a round table, which discussed in detail the features and formats of promising investment projects.

During the second day of the forum there were discussions on topics such as modernization of transport infrastructure, the introduction of digital technologies in it, creation of the Turkmen analogues of Uber Freight, improvement of passenger services and IT-services on all modes of transport, as well as other issues related to the transfer of the best foreign experience to the local conditions.


Photo: M. Rozyev,

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