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Turkmenistan will confer the titles of Honored and People's Dog Breeder

Turkmenistan will confer the titles of Honored and People's Dog Breeder. The relevant legislation was adopted by the Majlis during its regular meeting.

In discussions leading up to the adoption of these laws, parliamentarians noted that one of the priority goals of the state policy being implemented in Turkmenistan is also the preservation and promotion of the national historical and cultural heritage around the world. National traditions of dog breeding are also part of this heritage. That is why Breeding of Turkmen Alabais, increasing the number of representatives of this unique breed and the formation of a modern base of professional dog breeding in the country are also important stages in the large-scale activities organized in the country.

Earlier, on February 19, at a regular meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the President of Turkmenistan was presented with drafts of "National Dog Breeder" and "Honored Dog Breeder" badges and the "Brave Alabai of the Year" medal. The head of state approved the designs submitted by the deputy prime minister, chairman Turkmen Alabai International Organization Serdar Berdymukhamedov, noting that these awards will allow to pay tribute to the ancient traditions of dog breeding and inspire the further improvement of the Turkmen Alabai breed.

The country also has Turkmen Alabai Day was establishedwhich will be celebrated in the last week of April, together with the Akhalteke Horse Day. In addition, the honorary titles of the People's and Honored Horse Breeders of Turkmenistan and Master-Jockey of Turkmenistan were established. They are conferred on the people who have made a significant contribution to improving the horse breeding industry, preserving the breeding and productive qualities of the glorious Akhal-Teke breed, popularizing this breed of horses all over the world, and demonstrated professionalism.


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