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Turkmenistan plans to expand the production of iodine-containing products

More and more often all over the world doctors state that patients suffer from thyroid gland diseases due to iodine deficiency in the blood. Increasing the production of iodine-containing products is the task set by the government of Turkmenistan before the medical industry.

The country has resources of local raw materials, so it is quite realistic to increase the production efficiency of the existing association for iodine production. The uniqueness of natural raw material is that it is accumulated directly in groundwater, which can be processed using modern equipment to produce large amounts of not only liquid iodine, but also iodine sticks and pencils.

This product is in great demand for the inhabitants of the country, so it is planned to increase its production in the shortest possible time. It will be possible to increase the volume of iodine production by expanding the medical industry and equipping it with innovative equipment and technology.

As part of the expansion of customer service, targeted delivery of medicines and complete kits at the first request of customers is planned.



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