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Agrarians of Lebap velayat are again breaking records for the number of harvested crops

Lebap administrative-territorial district of Turkmenistan is famous for its big harvests of many crops. This year was no exception. The agrarians of this province brought selected potatoes, carrots, beans and other products that are the main ingredients in many national dishes of the country to the tables of the Turkmen people.

Cultivation of such rich harvests is the merit of agricultural teams that work tirelessly on seasonal work.

Agricultural workers from other regions of the country also pleased their fellow countrymen. They planted a lot of onions and garlic in addition to the crops indicated in the state tasks and received an additional harvest.

Produce from agricultural areas is regularly delivered to vegetable stores and markets around the country. In addition, after selection and processing, some produce is stored in ventilated warehouses to be reintroduced to stores and other retail outlets around the country as needed.

The population of Turkmenistan is provided with fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and other products, thanks to the selfless work of Turkmen farmers in the fields.



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