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Turkmenistan celebrated World Blood Donor Day

Turkmenistan celebrated World Blood Donor Day

Turkmenistan, as well as other countries of the world, celebrated World Blood Donor Day. The holiday, established in 2005 by the World Health Assembly, is the birthday of Nobel Prize laureate and Austrian physician Karl Landsteiner. He was the first to determine that human blood has groups.

Nowadays the procedure of blood donation is absolutely safe and even useful for the body of a healthy person. Thanks to it, the immunity increases and the process of blood formation is stimulated, and the organs involved in the utilization of spent blood cells can "rest" for a while.

This year's World Blood Donor Day celebration in Turkmenistan is held under the slogan "Donate Blood for the Pulse of Life Around the World. This event draws public attention to the problem of humanity's need for the safety of blood and its components. It is also an occasion to express gratitude to the people who donate blood, thereby helping to save human lives.

The Turkmen health care system is characterized by a clear structure. And one of its most important units is the Blood Center of Turkmenistan. The institution is subordinated to the Administration of Infectious Diseases Centers of the Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan. The Center performs such tasks as blood collection, procurement and transfusion. It also prepares sera.

The center monitors donor staff with different blood groups. The institution tests and certifies them. Supplying medical institutions with blood and components, the Center tirelessly replenishes its own reserves. It also studies complications that may arise in the recipient after transfusion of donor blood, and develops methods to prevent them. The institution also conducts courses for healthcare workers.

Saving a human life is often very difficult, and a lack of blood supplies makes this mission impossible. That is why donors are truly indispensable people who consciously help to save lives and by their own example strive to improve social conscience.

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