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Turkmenistan has summed up the results of the "Teacher of the Year 2020" contest

Maksatguly Bendov, a teacher at the Turkmen State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, won a convincing victory in the competition for the title of "Teacher of the Year 2020". As a senior teacher of the Department of Computer Technologies and Systems, the current holder of the title "Teacher of the Year" actively contributed to the development of the educational system of his native country by publishing a number of educational and methodical manuals, textbooks and scientific publications. In his works Maksatguly Bendov touched topical issues concerning the development of digital technologies and their use in the educational process.

During the practical part of the competition, Maksatguly Bendov fully demonstrated his own high teaching skills. During the demonstration session, he masterfully used the latest teaching technologies and used all available digital techniques to present the material. Bendov also showed the best results in the test round based on the priority tasks of improving the Turkmen education system.

Among the factors that contributed to the representative of TGACI winning such a high title, one should mention the active role of Maksatguly Bendov in public life of his institute and Turkmenistan as a whole. Being an example not only for students but also for teachers of TGACI, the current owner of the title "Teacher of the Year" is actively involved in sports and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

It should be noted that the state competitions "Teacher of the Year" and "Teacher of the Year" are held regularly in Turkmenistan. The organizer of these events is the Ministry of Education. The contests are also supported by the National Center of Trade Unions. The aim of competitions is not only to choose the best of the best, but also to create favorable conditions for self-realization of teachers, to reveal their creative potential and demonstrate best practices in the field of education and training.

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