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The first hotel for animals appeared in Turkmenistan

On May 7, the country's first pet hotel opened in Anau, where owners will be able to leave their birds, dogs and cats for a vacation or business trip. The hotel will take into account the guests' wishes on care, feeding and other conditions necessary to ensure the active life of the pet. In addition, the hotel staff offers massage, bathing, combing and even training services.

The institution is divided into three zones according to the species of animals - birds, dogs and cats. Each room has specially designed rooms that meet the requirements for keeping these animals.

The dog hotel has a total of 32 rooms, of which 20 are two-bedroom and 12 are one-bedroom. There are services of a cynologist, a beauty salon, and a boiler in the shower room.

In the cat ward, accommodation is arranged in eight two-story boxes with open cages. There is a play area for cats and the same services are provided as for dogs.

For parrots, songbirds and other birds there is a room with cages and a large aviary, which gives the birds the opportunity to fly.

There is also a store in the hotel pet complex, where you can buy goods for animals and exotic birds.


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