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The world's largest grain elevator will appear in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan will build the world's largest elevator with a simultaneous capacity of 1 million tons of grain. The largest Turkish manufacturer of elevator equipment - Çukurova Silo company, with which the relevant contract has already been signed, will carry out the construction works.

All stages of the project - from feasibility assessment to installation of equipment - will be carried out by Çukurova Silo. The Turkish company will also carry out the design, prepare engineering calculations and carry out construction work. The resulting structure, according to the company's sales manager Cian Demirel, will be the world's largest grain elevator.

Çukurova Silo has previously implemented similar projects in Turkmenistan. Thus, in 2019, the construction of a grain elevator with a capacity of 50 thousand tons was completed. When the project was successfully completed, the company received a new, more ambitious order from the Turkmen side.

Specialist Çukurova Silo, talking about the new project, noted that it provides for the construction of a complex of buildings of granaries "turnkey". The complex provides for the presence of transportation, automation, cleaning of grain. There will also be a grain drying complex, workshops, buildings for ensilaging, equipment for loading and unloading of grain. All production processes occurring in the complex of facilities will be interconnected, and the implementation of processes - automated.

This project promises to be the largest in the world. This concerns both the capacity and the occupied area, as well as the level of complexity of the design. The company has already started implementing the project. It is performing the design, feasibility study, and a number of preparatory construction works.


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