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Precipitation and severe temperature fluctuations predicted in Turkmenistan

Precipitation and severe temperature fluctuations predicted in Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan, precipitation and sharp temperature fluctuations are forecast for the coming week. If the rains are only occasional and small, the temperature fluctuations will affect all regions of the country. And residents of Balkan velayat should expect strong winds on Friday.

Ashgabat and Akhal Velayat

The temperature maximum on Monday in the region will be +8°C. Tuesday will bring higher temperatures to +11°C. Wednesday will be even warmer - up to +16°C. According to the forecasts, the daily temperature fluctuations on Thursday will be within +6 +19 ° C - the difference will be about 13 ° C in one day. Then a gradual decline in temperature is expected. Friday to +12°C, Saturday to +7°C. There is a possibility of minor precipitation. Sunday will be slightly warmer up to +10°C.

Balkan Velayat

In the first two days of the week the temperature maximum for the region will be +11 ° C. On Wednesday, it will warm up to +16°C, and on Thursday - up to +18°C. Also on Thursday, a brief rain is forecast. Friday, besides wind and light precipitation, a sharp fall to 10°C is expected. The temperature maximum will continue on Saturday at +8°C. Sunday, according to synoptic forecasts, will bring a warming to +12°C.

Dashoguz province

The temperature maximum for Monday and Tuesday for this region of Turkmenistan will be +7°C. Precipitation of about 3.2 mm is forecast for Tuesday - wet snow will fall at night. Wednesday and Thursday will bring a warming to +10°C and +13°C, respectively. Friday is expected to get cold up to +9°C. The temperature will drop to another +5°C on Saturday. On Sunday, short-term rain is forecast, and the thermometers may rise to +10°C.

Lebap velayat

On the first day of the coming week the air will warm up to +7 ° C. On Tuesday, it will warm up to +11 ° C, and on Wednesday - up to +13 ° C. On Thursday and Friday, the temperature maximum will be +13°C and +16°C, respectively. Friday may also see some light precipitation. But the weekend will bring a cold spell - no more than +8°C on Saturday and no more than +6°C on Sunday.

Mary province

Monday will start with precipitation in this region of Turkmenistan - about 1.1 mm. The maximum temperature of the first day of the week will be +12 ° C. Tuesday will be even warmer - the thermometers will rise to +13°C. Wednesday it will get warmer up to +17°C. Significant temperature variations are expected on Thursday in the range +3 +21°C, i.e. the daily temperature difference of 18°C. Friday will be cooler to +16°C. Saturday and Sunday will be even colder - the temperature maximum for these days will be +7°C. Precipitation of 1.2 mm is also expected on Saturday.

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