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Turkmenistan will host a film week dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Ashgabat

For the 140th anniversary of the capital "Turkmenfilm" has prepared a special surprise for cinephiles. May 10-16 at the "Ashgabat" cinema It is planned to show specially selected films, the subjects of which were connected with the capital of Turkmenistan.

During the week the following will be shown Eleven films, each of them will help you go back in time and see Ashgabat in different periods of its development since 1958. In addition, the organizers promise meetings with the creators of films.

The film "First Exam" by H. Agakhanov and P. Syrov, about a young artist, tells the viewers about old Ashgabat views of the 1960s. To feel the atmosphere of green and homely Ashgabat, one can watch the work "The Quiet Daughter-in-Law" directed by S. Garadjayev (cinematographer U. Saparov).

The renewed capital will appear in its glory in the movies "Galkynysh", "Adjayip", "Durmush kyssalary", "Gyzykly geselench", "Kyamillige yol", "Yash" konullerin ganaty", "Bagt gushy", "Tuveleyin mekany bolmaz", "Gumly gelnin aydymy".


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