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Turkmenistan hosts International Conference on Food Security

Turkmenistan hosts International Conference on Food Security

The international conference on global cooperation in the sphere of food security was held in the capital of Turkmenistan. It was attended by delegates from several ministries of Turkmenistan - Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Agrarian Party, employees of some research institutes and teaching staff of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute named after S.A.Niyazov. Foreign agricultural scientists joined the meeting through videoconferencing.

The forum participants discussed a wide range of issues related to strengthening and development of global cooperation in the food sphere. It was noted that the Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov pays close attention to this aspect. This vector is also an important stage in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals approved by all UN member states. As part of the priorities of the policy implemented by the President of Turkmenistan, substantial investments are being made in the formation of agro-industrial infrastructure that meets all the relevant requirements.

The agricultural sector of Turkmenistan has undergone a number of profound transformations in recent years, and small and medium-sized businesses have received comprehensive state support. All this allowed to achieve significant progress in ensuring one of the fundamental factors of welfare of Turkmenistan citizens - food abundance. Thus, a number of concrete steps have been taken to diversify and modernize the agricultural sector and the volume of agricultural production has increased significantly. It became possible due to rational land and water use, growth of crop yields, use of modern technologies and results of latest scientific researches in agricultural sphere. In addition to traditional cotton and grain farming, cattle breeding, poultry farming, bee keeping, vegetable farming, horticulture and other varieties of agrarian business are actively developing in Turkmenistan at the present moment.

The state program aimed at supporting import substitution has also become a significant factor in stimulating the development of the food sector of the Turkmen economy. It allowed the implementation of several dozens of projects, including those related to both agriculture and the food industry. Today, food clusters are being formed in each velayat; poultry and livestock complexes and greenhouses have already been built and continue to be built.

Conference participants heard the report on the state of affairs in breeding, seed production and variety development not only in Turkmenistan, but also in other CIS countries. It was also told about research activities aimed at introduction of crop varieties resistant to diseases and pests and perfectly tolerating peculiarities of local soil and climatic conditions into wide production.

Representatives of the CIS Intergovernmental Seed Coordination Council and heads of several research institutes from Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other countries delivered their reports on these topics.

It was stressed that the Turkmen leader was instructed to continue expanding cooperation with foreign partners, focusing mainly on the introduction of advanced agricultural technologies.

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