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Turkmenistan will create the largest artificial lake in the country

Turkmenistan will create the largest artificial lake in the country

In Turkmenistan, the construction of the largest artificial lake-reservoir in the country has started. The implementation of the project was entrusted to the workers of the Karakumderyagurlushik Production Association, for whom this task will be the most important one in the nearest future.

The supply canal, which will lead to the new man-made sea, is already under construction. The grandiose man-made reservoir will be located in the territory of Lebap velayat, near the reservoir named after the 15th anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence, in the southwest direction.

Hydrostructors are going to implement a grandiose idea that aims to improve water supply to Turkmenistan's agro-industrial complex. The canal originates from the Amu Darya River and extends 14 km inland to the west.

It is planned that water intake will be carried out by means of gravity flow. The annual flow regime in the Amu Darya is also taken into account when constructing the canal bed. This will make it possible to ensure that even during the shallow water period, water will freely flow all the way to the intake structure located directly on the reservoir.

The project assumes that the capacity of the country's largest artificial sea will be 4 billion cubic meters. It will be filled mainly during the flood period of the Amu Darya River. The future water reservoir is designed to serve as both a reservoir and a sedimentation reservoir, because one cubic meter of river water sometimes contains up to 3 kg of silt.



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