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Turkmenistan discusses improvement of services

Turkmenistan hosted a meeting on improving public and private services to the population, as well as increasing opportunities for integration between these sectors. The event was organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Turkmenistan jointly with USAID and the United Nations Children's Fund. This was reported by the online publication "Turkmenistan: The Golden Age.

The event was attended by representatives of government agencies and NGOs, and social work specialists. The guests were introduced to the activities of the Ombudsman's Office in Turkmenistan. Trainers of "Yenme" NGO told about methods of social work with families, specialized institutions shared their experience in providing various social services to the population.

Professor Stephen Koucisto from Syracuse University visited the event as an invited expert. He spoke about his own vision of the role of social workers in the formation of inclusive opportunities, in the expansion of human rights and freedoms.

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