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Sowing of winter crops has started in Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan, winter varieties of wheat began to be sown in mass. It is planned to sow a total of 690 thousand hectares. And already in 2021 daihane intend to get 1.4 million tons of grain. Most of the harvest will be grown in the Akhal region: 400 thousand tons. In Mary and Lebap velayats it is planned to harvest 345,000 tonnes and 310,000 tonnes, respectively, and in Dashoguz and Balkan velayats - 265,000 tonnes and 80,000 tonnes.

Seeds of high quality, high-yield wheat varieties, which were prepared in advance, are used for sowing. These include "Akbash", "Bitarap", "Vatan", "Gyzylshaglavuk-25", "Juvan", "Yoloten-1", "Yoloten-3", "Miras", "Sakhrai", "Turkmenbashi-1", "Hasylly" and "Shanly".

It is planned that 2.538 thousand arable tractors and 7.605 thousand row crop tractors, 1.723 thousand seeders and other types of equipment will take part in the current sowing season, contributing to a significant increase in the productivity of the work of the daikhan.

Newly arrived modern equipment with digital control - 155 "John Deere" tractors - will also help to meet the optimistic completion dates and ensure a good harvest.

Seminars were held in a number of daikhan associations. Their participants, in addition to farmers, included delegates from velayat and khakimlik administrations and elders. The events focused on organizational aspects of the sowing season, as well as familiarization with successful experience and innovative approaches in agricultural technology. This will contribute to the successful implementation of the tasks of sowing a strategically important crop. In addition, exhibitions demonstrating the capabilities of Turkmenistan's agro-industrial sector and festive concerts were held.


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