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989 social facilities have been built in Turkmenistan

T. Kurrayev, a leading official of the Ministry of Finance and Economy. Kurrayev reported on the progress of the National Rural Program of 2007, under which 989 infrastructure facilities important to the residents of Turkmenistan's villages - general education and sports schools, kindergartens, and hospitals - have been built so far.

By the beginning of May, 251 secondary schools and 256 kindergartens, 140 policlinics and 70 hospitals, 73 sport facilities and 115 sport schools were put into operation in the countryside. Kurrayev stressed that the quality of real estate facilities in rural areas is not inferior to their urban counterparts.

The implementation of the National Rural Program provides an opportunity to improve the quality of life of citizens of Turkmenistan by improving social infrastructure. In addition, employees from the regions are employed in the construction of new facilities. The commissioned facilities provide residents of rural areas with dozens of new jobs.




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