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Bronze Age cultural layers uncovered in Turkmenistan

It has become a tradition in Turkmenistan to hold scientific conferences and other forums online. The day before, the state of Turkmen historical and cultural monuments was discussed. The discussion was attended by senior officials in the field of history and archaeology. A member of an international archaeological expedition told about an archaeologist from France, who led several research works.

The famous French scientist devoted his whole life to the study of ancient secrets stored under the thick earth of many countries. For a long time he was engaged in discovering new artifacts located in the Turkmen land and pointing to the ancient history of our country.

International expeditions led by Leconte in Turkmenistan uncovered the thickness of Bronze Age cultural layers.

For discovering a huge architectural complex and the most ancient settlement in the centuries-old Turkmen sands as a result of excavations, the expedition received worldwide recognition and was awarded prestigious prizes.



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