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Turkmenistan announces new stage of bidding for participation in EXPO-2025

The Turkmen mass media in July published an announcement of a tender for the design and construction of the National Pavilion project with demonstration sites that would allow Turkmenistan's products to be displayed at the EXPO-2025 world exhibition in Japan.

However, the tender had to be announced again in order to attract the attention of both public and private design companies and construction organizations.

Two years ago, at a similar exhibition in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, the Turkmen designers and builders cope with the task with honor, creating a unique in form and beauty pavilion, where the country presented innovative developments in the industry, used the rich natural potential of the state, and introduced visitors to the cultural heritage of the Turkmen people.

The UAE authorities were grateful to the Turkmen specialists for building such a facility. Currently, the exhibition pavilion hosts various cultural and scientific conferences, presentations of the country's achievements in various spheres of the economy.



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