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Record above zero temperature for the last 30 years recorded in Turkmenistan

The capital of Turkmenistan has not seen such a heat wave in late November for a long time. The thermometer exceeds 29-30 degrees Celsius. Such abnormal heat was recorded in the Turkmen land more than three decades ago. Even in the mountainous regions of the country the weather is as warm as 12 degrees Celsius at night.

The country's hydrometeorological center attributes the sudden warming to the effects of a föhn forming in the north of the country. It is a powerful, at times gusty wind, directed from the high mountain regions towards the valleys. In such climatic zones, this phenomenon is observed quite often, but air currents have not brought such dry and hot air to the territory of our country for a long time.

Weather forecasters assure that in the near future the air will gradually cool down, filling with moisture, and the temperature will drop to a pleasant and comfortable 20 degrees. Nevertheless, even these values of warm air masses represent an excess of the November norm. By all indications, the phenomenon of global warming has directly affected the countries of the Central Asian region.



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