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The flow of heavy vehicles through the Turkmen-Iranian border has tripled

Strengthening of interaction between Turkmenistan and Iran is clearly evidenced by the non-decreasing flow of heavy trucks crossing the border of friendly countries. Logistics plays a major role in establishing and expanding trade relations.

Preferential transportation of Iranian goods across the border through the Turkmen territory after the cancellation of duties made the economic relations between the countries much more attractive. This led to an increase in cargo turnover by several times.

Iranian trucks deliver not only Iranian goods to Turkmenistan, but also cargoes from other states that have signed an agreement with the Turkmen authorities on cooperation and commonwealth in trade and economic relations.

Transit shipments of goods established between the countries that make up the Central Asian region are increasing day by day, indicating that such interstate relations are mutually beneficial.  

More recently, a summit meeting was held at which an agreement was signed to increase transit freight traffic.



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