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Government of Turkmenistan and WHO are working to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 into the country

P. Karvovska, head of the WHO office in Turkmenistan, noted the high effectiveness of preventive measures against COVID-19 in the country. Citing data from the Ministry of Health, she also reported that there were no cases of the virus in Turkmenistan.

According to Ms. Karvovskaya, the Turkmen authorities responded to the threat of COVID-19 penetration in a timely manner and at the moment continue to make every effort to ensure that the situation remains stable. She also noted the importance of the joint work of the Cabinet and the United Nations to develop Turkmenistan's preparedness and response plan for COVID-19, which aims to prevent the country from becoming infected. In the case of detection of the virus, the tasks of the authorities are: limiting transmission (early detection through laboratory testing and isolation of patients), providing medical care, supplying essential goods, and reducing socio-economic hardship.

Karvovska also shared her impressions of the visit to the quarantine facilities in Turkmenabad and Turkmenbashi, which could become a major site for treatment and isolation of patients. During the visit, the WHO delegation learned about local procedures and operating mechanisms and interacted with hospital staff and patients.


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