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All Ashgabat swimming pools open to visitors from June 1

Ashgabat, June 11, /Arzuw NEWS/. After several months of a sanitary break, the capital's swimming pools have resumed their work since the beginning of June. Arzuw NEWS has compiled a list of places where you can engage in water sports, by daily or monthly subscription.

The swimming pool of Bagtyýarlyk Sports Complex started operating on June 1. Adult admission ticket costs 35 manat per day or 280 manat per month. For children from 1 to 13 years old the entrance fee will be 25 manat per time or 250 manat per month. The pool is open daily from 6 am to 11 pm. Information phone number: +993 12 36-85-18.

The multi-purpose water-sports complex named after S. Turkmenbashi was opened on June 2. S. Turkmenbashi water sports complex opened on June 2. A single visit here costs 5 manats. One-month pass without a trainer costs 80 manat, with a trainer - 130 manat. Works every day from 7 am to 9 pm except on Monday. Phone for enquiries: +993 12 21-16-99

The swimming pool of multifunctional stadium "Aşgabat" opened on June 9. Admission for adults is 10 manat for a single visit, 5 manat for children under 14 years old, 120 manat for a monthly subscription. The pool is open from 7 am to 10 pm except on Monday. Phone: +993 12 95-28-55.

The "Olimpiýa" water complex opened on June 1. For all visitors the entrance costs 15 manat at a time (20 manat with a trainer). The monthly pass for 1 month is 270 manat (360 manat with a trainer). Sunday is Sunday off. As per our updated information this pool is temporarily closed again for maintenance. You can find out the exact opening day by calling +993 12 46-20-41.

Documents required for a monthly subscription to any of the pools: two 3/4 format photos, certificate of dermatological and venereal dispensary, and, for children - a copy of the birth certificate and passports of parents.

Note that in the capital, also resumed the work of private pools in hotels and other specially designated recreational areas. Open-air and indoor pools are available to visitors and prices vary depending on the package.

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