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Art school graduates dedicate their work to the city of Ashgabat

The Exhibition Center of the capital of Turkmenistan is hosting a demonstration of works by graduates of children's art schools of the main city, dedicated to the city of Ashgabat. The event is dedicated to the upcoming Ashgabat City Day. Graduates of educational establishments ¹ 2 and Nuralskiy, the first in Turkmenistan, presented their skills to visitors of the exhibition. B. Nurali.

In talking about their capital, artists Govher Sheripova and Angelina Kalinina chose the theme of tea drinking. Their still lifes, executed in the Art Deco style, are literally imbued with national tones. The young artists showed with their works how hospitable Turkmen nation is.

Esen Komekov told us about his Ashgabat in sculptural form. He sculpted a figure of a woman baking churek in a tandyr. Like any other type of bread, churek is a sacred thing, and to protect it from the evil eye, a special ornament is put on the tandyr. The young sculptor worked over this small architectural form for about a year. He wants to pay tribute with his composition to mothers and grandmothers who are engaged in this difficult work, which requires a lot of skill.

Oguljeren Durdyeva spoke about her hometown of Turkmenistan as a graduate of the carpet weaving department of the Nurali School is able to do. Nurali School. She made a khorjun imitating the old times. She found the description of the product in "Shamar," one of the tales of the Turkmen people.

The heroes of Byagul Gubaev's painting are four cosmonauts, whose work she seems to watch through a starship window. And Rovshen Saparov depicted the work of gas miners on his canvas. The theme of Berdymurat Akhmedov's painting was the exploits of Turkmen soldiers, heroes of World War II.

Most of the paintings by the young artists depict the beauty of white marble Ashgabat. The exhibition of works by young talents was a great gift for the Day of the Turkmen capital, bringing bright notes of children's creativity into the atmosphere of the festival.


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