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SOAS University of London held an online lecture for Turkmen students

The British Embassy in Turkmenistan organized a unique online lecture for Turkmen students from the world famous SOAS University of London. The event was held yesterday at the International University of Humanities and Development (IUHD), and for the first time was held in a virtual format. The Paris Agreement, the COP-26 conference, and the problems caused by climate change were the main topics raised at the meeting.

Speaking to the Turkmen youth, SOAS professors, in particular S. Newton, F. Cullet, M. Lowe stressed the importance of addressing the problems caused by climate change at the national and international level. They also spoke about the importance of the 26th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-26), Turkmenistan's ratification of the Paris Agreement and our country's active participation in the UNFCCC process. Professor Newton also highlighted the key climate issues in Turkmenistan, noting the importance of permanent neutrality status. The meeting concluded with an interactive question-and-answer session.

COP-26 will be the biggest political summit for the U.K., where it will be held in 2021. It will be a critical event for the U.N. and the world, setting the stage for an international perspective on climate change.


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