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In 8 months, 69 Turkmen companies were founded in Turkey

In the first 8 months of 2022 69 companies with Turkmen investments were established in Turkey. This is reported by the publication Atavatan Turkmenistan with reference to the Association of Chambers and Exchanges of Turkey.

The total capital of the companies is 25 million Turkish liras, and the share of citizens of Turkmenistan is 21 million Turkish liras.

Turkmen investors established in the production (1), construction (8), trade (40), transport (6), hotel and restaurant (3), information and communication (1), property (1), professional (8), education (1 ) and other (3) sectors of Turkey. Turkmen companies were established in Istanbul (67), Antalya (1) and Bursa (1). 61 of these companies are limited liability companies and 8 are joint stock companies.

The source notes that as of 2003 there were 11 companies in Turkey founded by citizens of Turkmenistan. The capital of these companies at that time was 1 million 271 thousand US dollars.

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