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Turkmenistan increased exports to Kazakhstan by 99.2%

Turkmenistan increased exports to Kazakhstan by 99.2%

In January-April 2021, Turkmenistan increased its exports to Kazakhstan by 99.2% compared to the first four months of 2020. Such data is provided by the Turkmen State Statistics Committee.

Particularly noticeable increase in exports of cotton processing products - 346.5 times. This result was possible due to the fact that previously the volume of exports of this type of Turkmen products to the territory of Kazakhstan was insignificant, but then the purchasing volumes rapidly increased.

At the same time, exports of textiles increased by 11.6 times, and ready-made garments from knitwear by 5.1 times. There is an 11.9-fold increase in exports of chemical fiber - it is actively used in modern textile industry. Exports of other clothing products increased by 172.4%.

The growth of export supplies to Kazakhstan is also observed in the fertilizer sector. Exports of these products manufactured in Turkmenistan increased twofold compared to January-April 2020. This was facilitated by an increase in their production by the relevant enterprises of Turkmenistan. Export of mineral fuel increased by 155.2%.

The neighboring state imported 46.6% more Turkmen vegetables in January-April 2021 than in the same period last year. Turkmen businessmen also increased the supply of soap and other detergents to Kazakhstan - for them the figure increased by 65.4%.

At the same time, at the end of the four months of 2021 there was a slight increase in imports of Kazakh goods into the territory of Turkmenistan. It amounted to 6.9%. The imported goods are furniture, technological and electronic equipment, cardboard, gypsum, paper, cement and stone crafts.


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