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Snowfall expected in Ashgabat on January 9

During the day on January 9 in Ashgabat is expected variable cloudiness and snowfall. This is reported on the official website of the hydrometeorological service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan.

Temperatures will drop to -2°C -4°C at night and in the morning, while at daytime around 11:00 am expect 0°C, southwest wind 7 m/s and rain with snow. In the afternoon it will be a little warmer to +2°C, the wind will change to a westerly up to 10 m/s. Around 17.00 the temperature will drop back to 0°C and there will be wet snow.

More information about the weather on January 9 can be found on the website of the Hydrometeorological Service of Turkmenistan



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