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Agrarians of Balkan and Dashoguz velayats of Turkmenistan joined the grain harvesting campaign

Agrarians of Balkan and Dashoguz velayats of Turkmenistan joined the grain harvesting campaign

Agrarians of Balkan and Dashoguz velayats joined the grain harvesting campaign, which for other regions of Turkmenistan started a week ago.

Before the beginning of the grain harvest in velayats, production seminars were held, which were attended by representatives of local authorities and farmers. The participants discussed issues on which the accurate and coordinated implementation of grain harvesting activities depends.

In Dashoguz province of Turkmenistan, 145 thousand hectares are allocated for bread crops. It is expected to harvest 265 thousand tons of wheat of high-yielding varieties. The campaign involved 439 combines made by German company "CLAAS" and American company "John Deere", the crews of which consists of experienced professionals who have passed special training courses to improve their skills in operating modern agricultural machinery.

Grain harvest participants are served by 114 mobile repair-mechanical teams, which will work around the clock to ensure that grain collectors have everything they need - spare parts, fuel and lubricants.

Delivery of the harvested grain from the fields to the points of reception will be carried out by 2195 trucks. Part of the harvested wheat, after drying and primary purification will be used as seed, the rest will be milled into flour, as well as stored in granaries. The quality of grain coming from the fields will be determined by specialists of the state service laboratory "Türkmenstandartlary".

Grain growers of Balkan velayat of Turkmenistan have sown winter wheat in 50 thousand hectares of land (the territory of Bereket and Serdar etraps) and plan to deliver 80 thousand tons of grain to the state. In the fields went 162 grain harvesters, and serve the toilers of the harvest will be 26 repair-mechanical brigades. For the operative and qualitative grain delivery to the receiving points 810 trucks are involved.

The start of the grain harvest campaign was held in a festive atmosphere and was accompanied by parting speeches, traditions and colorful performances of singers and dance groups.

The agrarians intend to make the most of every day to fill the homeland's bins with a record harvest of grains. Turkmenistan's agricultural industry is expected to harvest 1.4 million tons of wheat.



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