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Agrarians of Turkmenistan are preparing for the early sowing season

Agrarians of Turkmenistan are preparing for the early sowing season

Turkmenistan's agrarians are preparing for the early sowing season, as reported to the Turkmen leader by Vice Prime Minister Esenmurat Orazgeldyev and the governors of the provinces. The heads of the administrative and territorial units spoke about how the Program of Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan until 2025 and the National Program of Rural Development were being addressed. The President was briefed on the activities currently underway in the areas sown with winter wheat, as well as on the preparations being made for the areas that will be planted with cotton and root crops this year.

In his report to the head of state, Deputy Prime Minister E. Orazgeldyev summarized the submitted reports, stating that in February Turkmenistan agrarians plan to sow a total of 30 thousand hectares of spring potatoes and 10 thousand hectares of onions. State agricultural company also plans to plant melons, potatoes and other vegetables on the area of 65 thousand hectares in spring 2022 and 41 thousand hectares in autumn.

The regional governors also reported to the Turkmen leader on the construction of social and cultural facilities, as well as on work to ensure uninterrupted heat supply and improve power supply to schools, residential buildings and other institutions.

President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov listened to the reports and emphasized that it was necessary to provide the population with onions and potatoes in the required quantity by own efforts. To this end, it is also important to use land and water resources correctly, as well as to organize effective activities to clean water supply and drainage canals, and to provide tenants of agricultural lands with machinery, equipment and planting material.



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