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Akiniyazov told about the heroic water march of the inhabitants of Turkmenistan in 1936

In an interview with, Serdar Akiniyazov recounted a heroic deed accomplished by Turkmenistan's fishermen in 1936. Ten brave fishermen, who passed a strict medical and professional selection, went on a water voyage from Krasnovodsk to Moscow.

On taimuns (narrow and long boats carved out of wood) participants of the crossing passed 4653 km. They had to travel hundreds of kilometers against the current.

The voyage lasted about three months. During this time, the Turkmen swimmers visited many cities, got acquainted with their culture and history and visited famous museums.

This feat is remembered and honored by many generations of Turkmenistanis. For many it has patriotic meaning and appeals to the fortitude and courage of all Turkmen people.



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