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An aksakal from Turkmenistan reveals the secret of his longevity

Turkmenistan has long been famous for its long-livers, who toiled in the fields and on farms until their old age, setting an example of diligence for young people. Their way of life has always attracted the attention of journalists, eager to learn the secrets of longevity.

One such aksakals, who at his venerable age exercises and sports every day, is Seitgulyev.

This slender, energetic man has lived all his life in the mountains, and for him it is easy to walk a few kilometers along the mountain trails. The same could not be said about the sports journalist who came to interview the elder. Although, looking at how confidently our hero climbed the mountains, it is impossible to call him that.

All his life, the athlete has been marching to the top of the mountain, where the air is so clean and clear that fatigue from traveling up and down the mountains is relieved.

The tea brewed by the aksakal in the ancient way from the mountain herbs is also invigorating.

After spending a full day with an amazing old man who had been a lifelong friend of sports, the journalist realized the secret of his longevity. It lies in regular long-distance cross-country walking and leading a healthy lifestyle.



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