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Production of warm clothing is established in Turkmenistan

The textile industry of Turkmenistan has long been famous for its high-quality fabrics and its unique stable coloring of materials.

Trying to keep up with modern fashion, the Turkmen textile producers have mastered the production of practical, comfortable and stylish clothes for the most demanding taste.

Approaching winter dictates its own requirements for outfits: they must be not only fashionable and attractive, but also warm.

Clothing designers of clothing companies in the country have developed a wide range of winter products, including casual and sports flannel suits for both children and adults. The store shelves are filled with stylish and cozy jersey sets, jackets, coats, synthetic vests.

Reasonable price of quality products makes them in demand. Residents of Turkmenistan prefer to buy locally produced goods, as they are made from environmentally friendly materials, have a stylish design and are durable due to the high quality of sewing and fabrics used.

Textile companies in the country produce not only clothes, but also warm blankets.



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