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Production capacity of polypropylene products increases in Turkmenistan

Plastic containers are used everywhere: in everyday life, industry, agriculture. In Turkmenistan, the production capacity of these products is increasing annually. Senagat plastik" HO is successfully developing in the Balkan administrative district.

Despite the fact that the association is quite young, it is the main supplier of plastic containers in the country.

Almost all industries and agriculture use in their work a reliable type of plastic packaging. Senagat plastik" products are relevant not only for transportation of various bulk materials and products, but also for their reliable long-term storage. They are lightweight, environmentally friendly, perfectly washable and reusable.

The management of the association decided to diversify the range of polypropylene products, which are in demand in the packaging of hygroscopic materials. They can be stored in warehouses for a long time without fear that foreign odors or moisture will spoil the goods.



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