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Alabai is in the top 3 guard dogs according to the RKF

The head of the Russian Cynological Federation (RKF) V. Golubev shared the rating of security dogs, compiled by cynologists of the organization.

He emphasized that the main task of guard dogs is to protect their territory, outside of this task they should treat people and animals neutrally. Despite the natural data, for good controllability of such dogs must be trained from an early age.

The top 3 security dogs include:

  1. Distrustfulness and aggressiveness toward strangers made Caucasian shepherd dog the leader of the rating.
  2. In 2nd place is the enduring and active Moscow Watchdog.
  3. And finally, the top three closes with Alabai.

According to the expert, this breed is different with courage and strong characterHowever, the first one to attack is extremely rare. The Russian cynologist emphasized that the Central Asian shepherd dog should only be bought by responsible, experienced people who are willing to pay attention to the upbringing of the dog.  


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