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Turkmenistan will create an association of entrepreneurs of the agro-industrial complex

In the near future, an association of entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector will be created in Turkmenistan.

The association will be intended for entrepreneurs in the poultry and livestock sectors, as well as for farmers and agro-industrialists.

The new association will promote a systematic approach to the improvement of local agriculture, its activities will be aimed at drawing attention to the self-government and vectors of work of the relevant areas.

The institution will have a special management department, the services of which will be available to businessmen-members of the association.

At present, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan includes about 1,400 farmers, about 100 agro-industrialists, about 100 poultry farmers and more than 80 cattle breeders.

On February 20, at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, in order to meet the demand of the population for agricultural products, the focus was placed on a consistent increase in production. The President of Turkmenistan also signed a decree allowing the conclusion of contracts with foreign companies for the purchase of veterinary products, vaccines, detergents and diagnostics and equipment for livestock production.

In 2019, four livestock complexes under construction in Akhal, Lebap and Mary velayats were transferred to members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. The poultry complexes built earlier in Balkan and Mary velayats of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection were privatized through sale to members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

The association will promote increased production by increasing the influence of scientific methods in the activities of entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. The new institution is expected to begin operations during the course of this year.

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