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ECO-93 gasoline from Turkmenistan wins the Uzbek market

According to the UzRTSB website, ECO-93 gasolineproduced in Turkmenistan, appeared and at the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange. Its initial cost per 100 kg (about 133 liters) was $58.7 (600 thousand UZS). Nara-Komfort Servis LLC was announced as the main supplier of this type of oil products.

The enterprise producing ecologically clean Turkmen fuel is located in the territory of Akhal velayat. The construction of the gas-chemical complex was carried out on the basis of the contract concluded State Concern Turkmengaz with a Turkish-Japanese consortium including Kawasaki Heavy Industries и Rönesans, respectively. The complex was commissioned in June 2019.

In the first half of the year, the gas chemical complex managed to export more than 63.1 thousand tons of ECO-93 gasoline. Afghanistan became a buyer of 60% of the total export volume. European countries also purchased part of the product.

Examinations of car exhausts using ECO-93 have shown that carbon monoxide content in them is 0.03% (the norm - not more than 0.5%), and absolutely no hydrocarbons. There is also a fivefold reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, a twofold reduction in carbon monoxide emissions, and a 20% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions. And harmful sulfur oxide emissions are reduced as much as fifty times. By regularly filling up your car with ECO-93, car owners prolong the life of the engine by two times, because the formation of carbon deposits is significantly reduced when using it.

Turkmenistan sells petroleum products through the State Commodity Exchange. The buyers of the products are Central Asian, Middle Eastern and European countries, as well as countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

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