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Turkmen Technology Center to Join IASP and ASPA

Technology Center (CT) TUrkmenistan is conducting preparatory work for the IASP and ASPA membership. This will help Turkmen scientists to participate more actively in international research. The training is facilitated by Academies of Sciences Turkmenistan (ANT).

In accordance with the objectives of the Program of Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan defined for 2019-2025, ANT Technology Center is working towards the development of partnerships with foreign centers and institutions involved in research activities. In addition to the exchange of scientific and technical data and practical experience, a number of studies on joint projects have been carried out. This cooperation is secured by corresponding interdepartmental and intergovernmental agreements.

As Nabat Ataeva, head of the International Relations Department of the ANT Center, notes, the Center's specialists took a responsible approach to implementing the instructions of the President of Turkmenistan concerning digital economy. Turkmen scientists are creating the scientific basis for the transformations taking place in the state today.

Thus, the specialists of the Center created Sanly mekdep software product, specially designed for teachers, students, and parents. With its help, a high-tech educational environment will be formed in the general educational institutions of the country. Such actions are fully consistent with the Concept, which defines the improvement of the digitalization of Turkmen education.

Soon to be launched Sanly ylym network softwareThe first step in the transition of the Turkmen scientific sphere to a digital system.


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