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Drillers in Turkmenistan exceeded the drilling plan in 2020 by 21%

Nebitdag Drilling Operations Directorate of the State Concern Turkmennebit in 2020 has carried out the planned volume of drilling work in Turkmenistan at 121%. Drilling operations were successfully completed at 23 wellsThis is four more than the planned amount. Fifteen wells are producing oil. This result was achieved due to the increase in tunnelswhich last year was equal to 54 455 мagainst the planned 50,200 m.

Drillers were able to maintain good production performance due to competent work organization, use of modern equipment, compliance with occupational health and safety rules. UPBR upgrades equipment in a timely manner, buying rigs from proven manufacturers from the United States, Germany, Russia and China.

The use of modern drilling rigs makes it possible to drilling up to 7 km, passing through to the Miocene age strata and increasing the volume of oil production.

В 2020 on the North Gothurdepe the penetration depth of well #194 reached 4700 м.

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