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Muhammet Kossekov, a world sport sambo champion, is the pride of Turkmenistan

Turkmen athlete Muhammet Kossekov achieved a triumphant victory at the World Sambo Championship. After 27 years, he managed to regain the country's prestige in the Sambo tournament in the light weight category among men by winning the gold medal of the championship.

Sambo wrestlers from Turkmenistan have climbed to the top of the podium four times. But, since 1995, the Turkmen athletes could not come out victorious in the bouts on the tatami. It took sambo wrestlers more than a quarter of a century to bring back the title of world sambo champion.

We are pleased that the Turkmen team also performed at the highest level in the team event. Six medals (gold, silver and four bronzes) were added to the treasury of the team. However, they were not able to surpass the teams of Russia, which took first place, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.

World Championships in martial arts, particularly sambo, are held annually, so there is hope that next year's tournament will please Turkmen fans with better results of the team.



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