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Roads in Turkmenistan's new administrative center are being built by Ojar Asia

Currently, there is an active construction of roads of the new administrative center in the Akhal velayat. The works are carried out by IE "Ojar Asia". The head of the individual enterprise A. Ojarov told about the plans for the construction of roads and their implementation at the scientific and practical conference on construction, industry and energy.

The road construction project envisages the implementation of works in two phases. In the first one about 50 km of roads will be erected, in the second one - about 18 km. There are plans to reconstruct 5.4 km of existing roads. Part of the work at the time of the conference has already been completed. Construction of roads near the administrative center in the Akhal Velayat is carried out with the use of 118 units of modern special equipment. In the work 350 people are employed.



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